African American/Irish    Range: G3-C6     724-757-6353

Objective:  To create, perform, and share art in an expressive and inclusive space. To educate, encourage, and inspire with kindness and respect. All the while, remaining open minded towards new and relevant interpretations, mediums, platforms, experiences, needs and perspectives.   

Theater/ Dance Performance [Selected]:

Sweeney Todd                                                              Johanna                   Tony Marino dir. 

Men On Boats                                                               Powell                     Brett Robinson dir. *

Junie B. Jones                                                              May                          Becky Ziegler dir.   

Crazy For You                                                               Elaine                      Tony Marino dir.

Mary Poppins                                                               Mary Poppins         Sue Glowa dir.

Sometimes The Rain Sometimes the Sea       Raincloud                Francesca Montanile dir.

Dance Nation                                                               Amina                      Danielle Fauteux Jacques dir.   

Devised / Original Theater Performance [Selected]:                     

Momentos                                    Ensemble                       James Bruenger dir./ Santiago Castro pw.

Myths and Hymns Project    How Can I Lose You    Billy Bustamante dir./var. pw. *

Sharks and Minnows              Roxy                                Emily Larson dir./ Bianca M. Vranceanu. pw. 

 *Performed  Virtually


Wizard Of Oz Youth Edition                    Putnam Avenue Upper School/ 1.2023

Dance Nation                                                 Apollinaire Theater Company/ 4.2023

Teen Musical Institute                               Watertown Children’s Theater/ 7.2023


Alice in Wonderland                                  Apollinaire Theater Company/ 5.2022

Technical Theater:

Lighting Production Assistant              The University of the Arts/ 2019-2022 

Sound Engineer                                          Music Theatre Philly/ 2022 season    

Lobby Designer                                             Apollinaire Theater/ 2022

Overhire Electrician & Rigger               A.R.T,  SpeakEasy, ICA / 2022-   

Instructional Experience:

Musical Theater Instructor            Susan Yadamec Dance Co./ 2018 camp, 2020-21 season

-Musical Theater Dance grades K-12

                                                                                         -Summer Theater Camp grades K-5

Teaching Artist                                   Music Theatre Philly/ 2022 season       

                                                                                               -Triple Threat Dance grades K-2

                                                                                               -Broadway Dance Party grades K-2

                                                                                               -Showstoppers grades 3-6     

                                                                                          -Summer Theater Camp grades K-8                                                          

Teaching Artist                                   Apollinaire Youth Play Lab/ 2022 -      

                                                                                          -Dramatic Play ages 4-5

                                                                                              -Dance and Acting ages 4-5

                                                                                              -Ballet ages 6-9

                                                                                              -Acting ages 6-9

                                                                                              -Musical Theater ages 6-14

Education / Related Training:

The University Of The Arts:                       B.F.A Musical Theater / 2022  

Emerson College:                                           M.A Theatre Education / anticipated 

Theater Marketing Internship:               Stage Right! / 2019                                       

London Theatrical Workshop:                Shakespeare’s Globe Theater / 2022  

Excel Academy Chelsea:                             Teaching Fellow / 10.2022-1.2023      


-Teaching Experience (all ages) & Developing Curriculum and Lesson Plans

-Technical Theater (varying concentrations) & Performance Expertise

-CPR & First Aid Certified 

-Customer Service & Communication

-Time Management & Organization

-Social Media & Technology (ex. Word, Zoom, Google Applications, etc.)

-Marketing & Outreach 

-Collaboration & Leadership

-Intermediate Spanish


Westmoreland Cultural Trust Achievement in the Arts Award for Theater Performance / 2018