Mission Statement: 

To create, perform and share art in an expressive and inclusive space. To educate, encourage and inspire through a theatrical lens. All the while, remaining open minded towards new and relevant interpretations, mediums, platforms, experiences, needs and perspectives. 

My Journey:

Nothing sparked my inner flame like theater. I can still remember dancing around my grandparents' living room in elementary school, trying to imitate the celebrities on Dancing With The Stars. (Which was difficult because my grandparents always insisted on being the judges rather than my dance partner.) Sixth grade was the first moment I actually stepped on stage. I still remember the magic in that small middle school auditorium. From that moment on, I never stopped storytelling. The connections created and shared between humans during live performance is truly something unmatched. It's a universal art form that allows for expression and education. 

I graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater from The University of the Arts in 2022. During my time in undergrad I had the opportunity to explore virtual and in-person design, performance and practice.

Currently, I am a Boston based artist and educator. I freelance in many areas of theater including performance, design, electrics, choreography and rigging. I teach a multitude of performing arts classes to students of all ages. I am also completing my graduate degree at Emerson College (M.A. Theatre Education). Even though I haven't made it on Dancing With The Stars yet, I'm grateful to be a part of the Boston art scene and all it has to offer.


I make art because I believe all people deserve a chance to be included. Theater invokes a unique form of emotion, thought and sense community, allowing even strangers to create a bond through this shared experience. My art allows audiences and performers to escape from the mundane and perhaps change their view of reality by becoming engulfed in a story. 


I teach because I believe in the power of play. It's fundamental to humans and crucial for youth development. Art is a human right.

"Art is not a wrong nor right, it is not a distraction, nor a privilege. It is life itself." - Sevdaliza (Iranian/Dutch Artist)

Through teaching I encourage young people to be bold. I create a space that allows play to be an exploration and for work to be thoughtful and joyous. I equip students with technical skills while allowing their individual creativity, imagination and artistic skills to flourish.